[Solved] Pitch Sweeps Too Slow, Delay Not Long Anough

a problem i have is…
1- pitch sweep is to slow, i like to sweep between octave for my cheeky melodies but it only sweep well with nearby notes. i dont really have this problem with other trackers!

2- would be nice if the delay would delay the note so that 99 would effectivly be the next note. i like to put pre-shifted claps just a few milliseconds before my snare’s and the delay gets close but not quite there!

maybe this could be something to improve on? :)

Maybe you can provide an example .XRNS song that demonstrates your problem, with some more detailed information?

This probably sounds similar to my reply to your other post, but hopefully you can see where I’m coming from. It may already be possible to do what you want in Renoise, but without more information from you it’s impossible to say.

Not sure if these answers will help:

  1. Add more fx columns with pitch commands on all of them (will add up the pitch speed).

  2. 99 is not the maximum delay. FF is (hex).

right! totaly didnt think of adding another channel haha and yeah thanks alot guys! step by step im mastering my problems ^_^

column, not another channel ^^

not sure if i understood no.1 right but the way 01xx works does allow you to go into the next octave, 0110 is 1 semitone, so if you want to go next octave… 12 semitones gives 01C0 (C[hex]=12[dec]) so with one column you can go an octave and 4 semitones, and yes add futher fx column if you wish to go further ^^
as for no.2, 16 main points for delay (00-FF) therefore 80 will give you 50% delay, C0 75% delay and FF will almost be the next note.
top tip: read the manual! :P