[Solved]Pitchbending not working after first pattern

I have this really strange problem in a song I’m working on. I have a bunch of VST instruments, one of them being a lead guitar running in Kontakt5. To the track with the lead guitar I have added the MIDI CC device, so I can automate some MIDI parameters like pitchbend. The pitchbend effect works fine in the first pattern, but in all the other patterns the pitchbend doesn’t do anything.

I can see the sliders moving in the automation section, but it doesn’t affect the sound (it doesn’t pitchbend). Absolutely puzzling. Anyone has a clue what’s going on and how to fix it?

Arf. Stupid me. Already found out what’s going on. Patterns 3 and onwards had a different but similar sounding instrument, and due to the effects on the track it took me some time to notice the difference. Setting the entire track to the same instrument solved the issue.