[Solved] Play Backwards Command Leads To Fade Out?

Hello, today I just started to play around with a sample and noticed something:

It’s actually a little bit hard to explain it for me, so better you check the xrns: http://rapidshare.com/files/399252936/mystery.xrns (Sorry for Rapidshare :P)

Play it and let it loop until it starts for the 2nd time. At the end of the pattern you will notice that after the B0 command in B1 it simply stops playing. In the 3rd loop it’s right in the beginning again where it stops playing and after that it appears randomly.

Looking at the waveform it seems that it is fade out to the left before it can reach B1 in time. But how can this be? I don’t want it to fade out randomly. I want to have this effect throughout the song. What could the solution be?

It’s due to the amount of samples per line not being exact so sometimes you will get to the beginning of the sample and thus it will not reverse again. Either enter in with an offset of 0901 or play it the line before with a delay value of FF. Afraid nothing can be done about this.

There is a thread which explains it a lot better if that makes no sense to you…

Nice, haven’t thought of that… Thanks!