[Solved] Plugins License Dissapearing

When i open a project in 2.8, my old vsti synths (albino 3, synthepolis nrg-a …) are loaded as “demo” or “enregistered version” but when i open in previous versions like 2.5 it s just fine. I dont get it

Are you using the 32-bit version of Renoise or the 64-bit version? Which windows version and if Windows Vista/7, are you opening as administrator?
I have Albino 3, but i can load it with the s/n valid remark in Renoise 64-bit just fine.
Licencing is something only plugins handle so they either need admin rights to reach the areas where they have stuffed their license data or the data got invalid due to some change on your system.
(Things like swapping mainboard, CPU or harddrive)

it could also be that the plugins were installed as normal user, then you have set Renoise 2.8 to run as administrator (or viceversa); in such a scenario, the plugins may fail to find user registration data

i m using 32 bits version on seven as admin

i have several renoise versions running.
i just desinstalled/reinstalled albino it works fine but i still have issues with synthepolis nrg-a, Intelligent Sounds Music BazzISM… (uninstalled / clean registry /reinstalled many times) and still open as demo despite the right s/n
What i dont get is that it works on previous versions and that i didn t had any hardware changes

Oh YEAAAH! Thank you It-Alien… when i open 2.8 as administrator all my liscences come back to normal. That’s weird but works just fine
Thanks again