[Solved] Previous Note Goes Off When Playing


When playing or recording notes to the sequencer, I can have only one note down at time. The previously played note goes instantly off when new note is played. This also means that I can’t play any chords. Happens with both midi keyboard and ordinary keyboard.

This happens with synths that are polyphonic so it’s not because I’m playing a monophonic synth. I also tested with an old version of Renoise, 1.5.1 and everything works there.

The playback of the tracks works fine.

I have SB Audigy 2 & Windows XP. Any ideas what to do? I have tested various audio settings but didn’t find any combination that works.

hello, Search Engine,

give a look at New Note Actions: they define what the instrument should do when a new note overlaps the previous.

for chords, look here. also, take in mind that you can add more note columns in the same track by clicking on the little “+” icon on the upper left of the track as seen in the image below:

I couldn’t find any help from that page. The thing is that the playback (when I press space) is fine, but when I’m not playing the song but a VST instrument (or sample) I can hear only the current note. I hear also the release part of the previous notes so it seems that it sends a note off command always when new note is played.

Hey It-Alien, I tested the chord icon again and it worked now! I can’t remember anymore how I tested it last time but it seems to work perfectly.

Very much thanks for your help:)