[Solved] Question For The Motu'S Cuemix Users

How do you use the MOTU’s DSPs on a Renoise track/send bus ?

What Motu device do you have?
But i suspect when you have ASIO enabled, you can direct each specific track’s output (also the sendtracks) (see bottom of the track where it by default specifies to route to the master track, change this routing option) to a specific motu output and link your DSP devices to that output, at least if your DSP’s are inside your device’s controller parameters.

The interface is the Ultralite MK3.

And no it’s not that simple. I found a tutorial using Cubase on a french website, it’s a bit trickier and I can’t figure out how to do it in Renoise.
At some point, it says you have to create a track and select “Return 1-2” (corresponding to Return Assign in the MOTU’s control panel) as an input. Any idea how to do that ?

I’m reading the manual, but screenshots are of very terrible (unreadable) quality… for such expensive equipment, they could have done a better job on their manuals.
It looks like you need output and input routing to get this stuff going, i guess this would mean outputting to a specific output on the Motu in Track XX , route the signal through your DSP process and from there to return in 1 and then perhaps use a Line In device on a send-track and select this specific return in on the line-input device?
It’s a guess because i don’t have that equipment.

The line-in device, that’s what I needed!

Thanks a lot man!