[Solved] Random Notes On Track

This is very annoying. Not sure if it’s a problem with VSTi or out of RAM problem.
But after having worked with renoise for awhile one random track starts putting out random notes. Sometimes I don’t even have to do anything for it to occur.
It chooses random notes from the original note.

Saving the tune and reloading it clears the problem, but then it comes back after a short while again.

I only have 2 gig ram in my cpu and since I’m using win 7 it’s being used like hell.
Anyways I had same problem with WinXP. But I’m pretty sure it’s related to a vsti and not my memory.

VSTis used in this particular song:

Zebra (demo)
Farbrauch f2

My guess it’s either zebra or farbrauch vsti which is are the criminals, however, renoise should be able to handle this itself and not start random note hell :)

Well the demo version of zebra gets out of tune after 20 minutes of use …so whatever notes you have entered , they will just sound random when the demo time has expired

Ass far as farbrausch goes , I installed it a while back and removed it quit fast because of some serious problems ,bsod etc …

my guess its farbrausch v2. just to be sure, do you checked the version 1.5? http://www.1337haxorz.de/products.html

and there is more:
readme says -

"A warning first: The V2 instrument is multitimbral. This means it supports
several channels and so must your host application. If you want to make
complete songs with the V2 (instead of using it “only” as one softsynth
of many) there has to be only ONE instance of the plugin, and you’ll have
to use the different channels. If there’s more than one instance running,
it will be impossible to write out the .v2m files you’ll need for including
the song somewhere else.

Another “quirk” that results from the plugin’s multitimbrality is that changing
the program in the VST host WILL NOT change the synthesizer’s current program,
but rather it will only set the editor GUI to that program. To change programs
for playback, you’ll have to send MIDI program change commands, either by manually
inserting them as events or by a “program” field in your “track properties”, whatever
software you may be using.

So just treat the V2 like one external MIDI synth and everything should be fine."

so its flexibility is limited by its host. just that you know, first it was developed for old buzz. (you know, modularity all over :P )

but you might look at this too. another new farbrausch synth by bero.

as gentleclockdivider said before… it’s zebra… Sorry to get you guys worried :) thanks for help!