[Solved] Recording/Playing Chords Via Midi

I just read a post by taktik when searching the forums for the answer: “MIDI keyboards now always record/enter chords when you press more than one key at once…”
this does not seem to hold true here with renoise 2.5 and my midi gear.

I have a emu controller board as one of my two midi controllers in renoise. I’m using a motu express XT connected to a variety of midi synths/samplers etc. when i select any port on the motu as my instrument’s midi port, then play a chord on my controller, i’m only getting one note pressed at a time… i cant do chords.

additionally I don’t seem to have the ability to “arm” select channels for recording, only the currently selected track is recordable and if more notes are recorded a new subtrack is created. Some tracker apps called this “Key Jazz” or something of the like… allowing you to record multiple notes at the same time, accross user-defined channels… note/messages would then be entered, alternating between the tracks which are armed for recording (to avoid one note being cut by the next)… Is this method obtainable in renoise as in can I predefine where my notes will lay without a new “subtrack” being auto-added if i play multiple notes or send midi messages?

thanks a ton!

Key-jazz is simply “chord mode”, it is not really a standard for allowing one to record notes in an arbitrary selected range of tracks. In the majority of the older Trackers you had no real choice as each track only had one main note-column.
In Renoise you only can control one instrument at a time, so in most cases, it isn’t practical to record notes in more main tracks. (Percussion is a good exception to this case)

The icon with the piano-keys enables chord mode, whether Renoise is playing or standing still.
The instrument that you control, should ofcourse support multiple notes and it sometimes requires to be enabled if we speak of certain vsti plugins or perhaps even hardware synths.

perfect. i had just missed the icon. think i had set that and forgotten it on my pre 2.5 versions. it works perfectly.