[Solved] Renaming Zips And Replacing Files

For the latest DDRC round I have an entry that a couple of files in the submitted xrns are compressed as ogg.

Upon opening, removing Song Data and other information that would let anybody know who it’s by I save it and all samples are now Flac, tripling the overall size of the xrns.

I thought I would try renaming both to .zip, extract and replace the largest .flac with the .ogg version, re-zip and rename to .xrns. Upon doing this Renoise will not load the file saying Unknown Or Unsupported Filetype.

Should I be able to do this or does changing samples (size etc) inside the original xrns break it?

Using 7-Zip v9.20 on WinXP SP3.

Good call, that seemed to work.

Although I usually run Remove Unused Instruments/Samples, so if it had been a entry which had left in a load of surplus samples it would of still have been a little problematic…

I take it this is not meant to work then? OK if not I just wondered as this song already only had selected samples compressed as ogg, the rest were flac, probably based on their length. I’ve never used the song ogg tool myself…

Strangely I can get exactly the same process (although I’m working in a different folder) to work now. I had tried two or three times with no joy previously.

Anyway this can be marked Solved :)