[Solved] Render Song Sections Into Individual Files

Since I use Renoise for game development these days, each song I create usually consists of 4-8 individual sections that’s each a self-contained song. I do not want to use multiple renoise song files, because these songs always uses the same instruments and mixing, so it would be a pain to e.g. mix all songs differently as I’d have to go through all the files and make the same changes.

Right now, I just render this whole “big” song and split it up into multiple sections in my audio editor which I then use in my games. My suggestion is a way to name parts of the song (not just individual patterns) and have them automatically rendered into separate files.

Select the part you want to render, right-click and ‘render selection to sample’?

btw, are you the nifflas from knytt stories? ^^

your request is very specific so I don’t think you are going to get a lot of support by ther users. anyway, you can already use the render dialog in order to specify a sequence of patterns:

click on “Selection in sequence” radio button and the currently selected patterns will be rendered into a separate file with the name you specify in the name field.

click and drag on the sequence of patterns you want to select in order to add them to the selection

It’s still quite unconvenient as the process goes like:

  • Select the patterns
  • Go to the render dialog
  • Render
  • Close the render dialog
  • Repeat until all parts are rendered

Now, each game I create can have 5-8 of these renoise songs, each containing 4-8 parts. I tend to update the songs and have to re-render them. You can imagine that this adds up to a huge number of times I have to repeat this operation, so it takes up a lot of time.

…but still, I guess your solution will have to do. At least it’s better than cutting up the different parts in an audio editor. I can’t really say any other software music offers a better solution to my problem either anyway. It’d be a bit easier if I didn’t have to close and open the Render dialog to change the pattern selection, but perhaps that works in 2.5? I’m not on the latest version.

And yes, I’m the Knytt Nifflas :)

Forgive me if you’re already aware of this, but there’s a recently added feature that myself and some others asked for which may be helpful here. When rendering to .WAV, Renoise now adds standard marker points to the .WAV file that are inserted at the beginning of each pattern in your song. These markers should be picked up by any good audio editor, and should make it a lot faster/easier to precisely select patterns or loops from the song - especially when the editor ‘snaps’ to the edges of marker points.

I realise this is not exactly what you’re asking for, but with a little bit of planning in the song itself (inserting obvious breaks between sections, for example), plus this ability to select exact sections of the song .WAV more easily via the marker points, it may at least reduce a few headaches in the audio editor cutting stage. :)

I think Niflas might also be able to be able to program his own splitter tool based on that info then, is even a smaller shortcut than using an external editor with batch processing…

Anyway, also updating the documentation on this, completely forgot about this addition.

I was unaware of that feature! It’ll come in very handy, another reason to upgrade to 2.5 then!

that new marker feature has saved my life :)