[Solved] Render To Sample - With The Send Effects


A simple question thats probably been asked before, couldnt find the answer though… If i want to resample/render to sample a sample/vst thats going through the multiband send i only get the insert effects on the rendered part…

I’ve got a bassline that is processed both with insert effects and the multiband send effect… Some pumping/compression on the multiband send couse of the fact that i’m sending more tracks to the same multiband send(where the bassline is).

Well, to make it simple i want to know how to render a sample WITH the send effects. How?

Render selection to sample will only render what you have physically selected. If you want the send tracks to be included, then you must make a selection that also includes the send tracks:

Alternatively, you could use Render Song with a range that’s limited to the single bassline pattern you’re interested it. Make sure you mute any unwanted tracks before rendering.

Thank you!! Been using the render to sample function alot, its easier than render song… As some people say; “Resample the shit out of it!” Thats what i’m doing! :) Anyway, thanks for the reply, try this tonight!

a potentially faster way to select a track and the send tracks is drag the track to be rendered next to the master track and perform the selection. (yes, you can drag entire tracks: left-click a track name and drag it while keeping left mouse button pressed)