[Solved] Renoise 2.5 Final Removed Songs Saved With Beta Versions?

I just installed Renoise 2.5 and 2 songs that I had completed using the beta Version of 2.5 have simply been deleted from my computer. I keep my renoise song files in a separate folder than the demo songs folder, so they didn’t get copied over. All of my other renoise songs that i created with versions prior to 2.5B are still there. I am REALLY bummed out right now… one of them was by far my greatest work. I do have a rendered wav of it, but still, this is really bad.


I usually keep my beta xrns files on desktop and I just opened them up with Final, by clicking on the file and re-opening it on Renoise’s file browser, all is good.

Could you provide more information ?, so I could try to replicate it…

Well, the two files that were deleted were saved using the most recent beta version (that expired on march 1st). I believe some of the files I saved using the beta versions before that were not deleted. I found an older version of one of the songs that had been deleted (really weird!) and it almost seems like my renoise song folder was restored to the state it was in before I had installed the final beta version… but how would my computer have retained this information? This is really bizarre.

I installed 2.5 Final and launched Renoise after the install. I noticed the files were missing from the file browser inside Renoise, which had retained my directory shortcuts. All my other music seems to be there. When installing 2.5, I was prompted to overwrite “renoise.exe”, which I always get. The files are not visible even when looking at the directory through windows explorer… they are gone! I am using windows 7 32-bit. I’m assuming there is no way for me to recover these files (they are not in my recycle bin). This is killing me, I must have spent at least 10, if not 15 hours on one of those tracks…


Update: Windows 7 HAS SAVED THE DAY! I was able to recover my files because Windows 7 had virtually stored them in an application data folder somewhere deep in my computer (search function brought them up right away).

When exiting Renoise 2.5 final, I got a message saying Renoise did not install properly and was prompted to reinstall it, which I did. This did not recover the files I had lost and I had to recover them manually by copying them from the virtual storage. I have backed up the files already… gosh I am lucky this time.


Just out of curiosity: Which folder was that? Renoise itself never deletes any files. The installer only removes the demo song, instrument and so on folders when uninstalling. So I wonder what exactly the problem was?

Lolwut? I hope you don’t save your xrns’es in the Program Files map… I hope you don’t save any of your own files in Program Files. oO

Wouldn’t be really smart.

I hope you don’t save your files on even the same physical drive as Windows…ANY files. Asking for trouble!