[Solved] Renoise 2.51 Demo Restriction Or Bug?

Hi there,

I just ordered a copy of Renoise and I am currently busy testing the demo version. Everything worked fine until this evening when I encountered a strange bug (at least it seems to be a bug).

Here is what happens within the Pattern Editor:

As soon as I hit the tab key to cycle through tracks (or select them by using the mouse or cycle through them by using the cursor keys) the current track gets a “solo” status and all other tracks are muted. I then have to unmute them (STRG+#). Each time I jump into another track the same thing happens - current track becomes “solo”.

Wtf? =)

I tried reading the solution up by myself in the tutorial without success. Does anybody have any idea how I can turn this “feature” off or is it a bug/demo restriction?

Thank you!


Argh … stoopid interlude, my bad.

It ain´t no bug but a feature indeed. Auto solo mode can be switched with alt+#.

Thanks for your time ,)