[solved] Renoise 2.8.1 "forgets" Waves plugins

Hi there,

This is more a question of asking for help than actually reporting a bug, because this behavior is new to my system: everything worked fine for me before.

Since recently, Renoise seems to forget my Waves plugins at startup. If I load a song including Waves plugins it will report them as missing.
It is easily solved: rescan plugins, reopen file - everything works fine again. However, the next time I fire it up, the plugins are missing again.

I have tried reinstalling both Renoise and Waves, to no avail.
Does anybody have any idea what can be going on? Once again, until recently, everything worked fine.

Thanks a lot for your time.

Start Renoise as Administrator, scan plugins, close Renoise.
Try to reopen Renoise and see if the plugin results of the previous session scan remained in the database.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it does not work.
It would have surprised me anyway, because plugins from other manufacturers seem not to be forgotten, even ones installed much later than the Waves bundle.

Then it might be the waves registration that is messed up.
Waves plugins are known to be problematic plugins though, not only Renoise users experience annoyances with these things.

Hm, sounds strange. Are you on Windows? Win 8?
I’ve never had any issues like this with Waves when switching systems (XP > Vista > Win7),
but could it be that you have overlooked something and specified the wrong path for the actual dll-files when installing?
I know Waves installs a lot of files, and usually also in the programfiles-folder, so I always specifically reroute the vst-install to where I want the dlls to be.

or… could it be a problem with your, ahem, license key/expiry? :rolleyes:
if you have a real license, Waves should be able to answer if this is a OS-related problem.

Hope that was of any help, cheers.

Yes, Win8 x64. But I doubt it’s the OS, as it was working fine before, on the same OS.

I think that if that was the problem that simply rescanning every time after startup wouldn’t find them as if nothing was wrong.

Nope, 100% legit, and current, and works fine in Renoise after rescanning. Fine in Cubase as well, even without scanning. I’m not sure the problem is on Waves’ side of things.

So far, no gains then, but thanks for helping!

As an interesting addition: the Waves plugins DO turn up in the list in the mixer, but when I select one it says: not found.

Some combination of deleting the plug cache/fail cache, purposely crashing Renoise while scanning Waves, deleting cache again etc. has resolved the problem. B)
Still not sure what caused it, but… solved!

Thanks for the help guys.

Waves plugins have always been a pain in the ass, they used to be pretty good but are now almost obsolete… and overpriced when compared to the competitors.

I kind of agree, especially price/value ratio, and actually only use rather basic plugins of their making. Damn annoying though when opening projects they’re in and they don’t load.

Yeah, that seems to be the case. What would you suggest as an alternative?

theres a extractor from xlutop which is able to extract single processors out from the waves shell. that may fix some problems too :wink:


I’ve experienced this. More than likely a Waves issue rather than a Renoise issue.

Pain in the ass, but Trueverb is brilliant

Interesting opinion. never had any issues with my waves plugins being a “pain in the ass”. obsolete? again… matter of opinion. Ironic that a user of a tracker would call waves plugins obsolete :)

Overpriced? Considering the hardware they replace I think they’re priced just about right, take into consideration their frequent markdowns… like today… you can buy the gold bundle ($899) for $300.

I just can’t understand why my car requires a key to start the ignition. causes nothing but trouble. Maybe I should have saved my money and gotten a bicycle. :rolleyes:

I guess I just seem to be lucky as I’ve never had any issues with waves plugins being a PITA, I’m not sure if that’s because the people complaining are using cracks (always been my hunch) or if they’re running waves on a crap system or through a crap DAW or they’re using an ancient iLok or USB stick to hold their keys.

I consider myself OS agnostic as in they all suck and shine each in their own way–still when running waves in protools, live, studio one OR renoise in OS 10.x.x on a current mac pro (or G5 when it was current) I’ve never had any show stopping issues. . . maybe I’m just lucky.

When in doubt move the key from your usb stick/iLok to the system itself using WLC… that’s typically the bottleneck. I tend to run Waves on one machine at my home studio so that might be part of why I don’t experience much of a headache?

[edit: dude, of course they profit when selling with lower prices… speaking of which you can get the mercury bundle today for over half off… $6300 $2899 that’s practically a give-away and they still make money from it]

regardless seems the topic is solved.

At least a car-key does work a lot more reliable all the time which cannot be said about these software protection systems.
They also could have chosen for an iLok or challenge response code, but whatever protection kind is done, it sucks nonetheless.
I’m not against protection, but this stuff should simply work efficient and reliable and it should’nt be a hassle and cost you a load of extra money if these kind of protections get broken for whatever reason that is beyond your fault.