[Solved] Renoise bridges same bit plugs

I did some testing with 32 vs 64bit renoise as my plugins are 64bit, but now all my plugins are wrapped and bridged.
If I use 64bit renoise, it will bridge plugin (->64bit) + same in 32bit version (->32bit).

Also when I open a song in 64bit renoise, which I just did in 32bit version and try to open plugin gui, I get this:
3670 plugui.jpg
log file just says I have opened —.xrns file.

I am on OSX 10.6.8 in 32bit boot mode, but Snow Leopard can run 64bit apps in 32bit mode.
edit. oh and latest 2.8.1 versions of renoise.

Sound like you have Run All Plugins In Sandboxes ticked in Preferences maybe?

Hey that was it, thanks! :)