[solved] Renoise DEMO failed to initialize the plugin

I’m trying the Renoise 2.8.1 Demo with some VSTs.

The first time I start Renoise everything works, no problems. But if I close the program and start it again I get the message “failed to initialize the plugin” on several VSTs. If I reinstall Renoise everything works once again, until I restart the program that is. Isn’t that awfully strange? Anyone seen this before? Any ideas how to fix it? It’s a bit annoying if I will have to reinstall the program every time I want to use it. I’m using Win 7 64bit (I think?) and Renoise 32 bit. (If I try the Renoise 64bit version the VSTs does not show up in the instrument list at all.)

How about starting Renoise as administrator?
Some plugins require this option because they want to perform stuff in restricted areas.
When Renoise runs under elevated rights, there is a big chance these problems won’t occur anymore.

I AM an administrator. It says so on my account, and I never have to type any password or anything to make changes to my computer. BUT you are right, if I right click the renoise.exe and choose “Run as administrator” everything works. So thank you very much! I will buy the program now. It looks really good. =)

Yes, well Windows 7 is more or less imitating Linux its security method, in where you also have to Sudo activities to acknowledge your authority. Stuff that malware usually isn’t allowed to accomplish so prevents it from installing stuff beyond your knowledge (if they would try, you would still have to give it your ok before it can continue). You may run into this with other applications as well.