[Solved] Renoise Hangs After Minimize

After minimizing a Renoise 2.7.0 window, there is now a 3-6 second delay to bring the window back up again. I never noticed this with earlier versions, it was pretty much instant. It’s happening even with a new blank project, not a huge deal to me, but sucks when your rewired and have to minimize the window a lot.

Is anyone else having this problem?

When you minimise Renoise do you have the Disk Browser visible? If so, try changing to a different view such as Track Scopes before you minimise. Whenever the Disk Browser is visible it will re-scan the current location when you switch back into Renoise, so depending on how many drives you have and the complexity of the files/folders this can sometimes take a few seconds to process.

A few seconds indeed! :) I tend to average at around 5-8 seconds. Feels like walking in tar :D

Pretty much instant here on XP. I have 4 disk drives, 2 which are external.

@Jenoki: I’m on xp and have an ancient single core…so I’m sure thats not helping any lol. =)

@Dblue : You are a genius…that’s exactly what was causing the problem.

Thanks for the quick replies…problem solved =)