[Solved] Renoise´s Native Instruments?


i am missing some old renoise intruments and drumkits; i ´ve actuall only got “amen” & “apache” in my breaks folder, there where a lot more there, if i remember right?!

also some sounds which i remember the name; “glitch pad” e.g. aren´t there anymore…

my fault or did they change something?

many thanks


there’s an additional pack at the backstage area. you got that one?

yes, got that one - iT doesn´t incl. the sounds i´m searchin…

i am talkin´ bouT the native renoise intr. from versions; 1.9 or 2.0 i think?!

weird <_<

to check if something has been removed from the standard instruments pack, you can download previous versions of renoise in the backstage area. Look at the right side of the page.

which makeZ it even weirder?! just checked versions 1.9 - 2.0 … all got the same instruments and factory presets ect. - still not the sounds/intstr. i am lookiN for…

a few preset names i remember (i think its version 1.9 btw.)

-jerry lewis “pretty bird” drumbreak

-“bjork glitch” pad

-“bassjungle” bass

-“k303 organ” - lead

anyone ever heard of those?


some of the names you mention make me think that those are copyrighted material, so it’s unlikely that we added them to a factory preset pack

well, i have just found theM, again :walkman:



anyone got a link/torrent of all the stuff on loop project as a pack download?

Nothing was removed, just new ones added. But some instruments got a new name and got reorganized into folders.