[solved] Renoise With Windows 98?

I have an old laptop I’d like to run a copy of Renoise on, but the newer ones don’t seem to be able to work on Win 98. Do any of the older versions work with it? I can’t find system requirements for 1.80 and the like.


may be somewhere on this site but from web.archive it looks as though you`ll need 1.5

Nopes, Renoise 1.5 is the highest version that supports Windows 98.
Here are the requirements (the requirements for 1.5 is in the lower part):

Okay. For some reason I thought you couldn’t download 1.5 but at Backstage I see it there now. Silly me. Thanks a bunch both of you.

for those who are not registered, the demo of the older versions can be downloaded at the bottom of the download page.

PS: why not giving Linux a try for that old laptop? this way you could use the latest Renoise version on it, provided that your CPU supports SEE instructions