[solved] ReWire FLStudio slave to Renoise Master


I have a trouble rewiring FLStudio 11.0 to Renoise 3.0.1. Both are x64 running under Windows 8. I follow the renoise tutorial but in the Rewire input device module, FLStudio never shows up in the list (screenshot attached). What could be wrong?

Your help is appreciated. Renoise is so good!!

If you’ve truly done everything correctly, Imay have had similar issue, the wayI fixed it is by reinstalling all sorts of renoise/the other dawversions until one of them made it work (it would then work with the new versions as well).

No idea what the issue was and how it was fixed.

Took me 7 reinstalls (and computer restarts after).

Good evening gova,

You sure put me on the right track. I uninstaleld FLStudio, installed the updated version and here we are, all set and working. No restart. I guess I got lucky.

Cheers, let’s get down to Renoise. :slight_smile: