[solved] Rmv VST Sometimes Hangs/Freezes On Load

I am not sure as to the exact conditions for this but periodically Linplugs RMV VST wont load in renoise, hangs it and in some cases renoise cant even be closed via task manager.

Anyone else have this problem?

(renoise 2.1 final)

Did this started out of a sudden, while previously RMV worked fine for you? Then try reinstalling this thing, probably some config files or resource, caches, whatever files got broken.
Or does this probably only happen when having used RMV in a specific song? Or when loading/unloading it multiple times? Hard to guess. Would be great if you could try to find out more details about this.

To be honest I`ve had probs like this before with RMV. It tends to break suddenly and will not load atall causing hangs. Reinstalls have helped before but it happens again… I thought I would see if anyone else was experiencing the same in renoise.

I can reinstall if it would be of a lot of use? but I guess it may be quite system specific to me if no-one else gets this, think I may return to good old wavs for my renoise drums.

Had and have some problems with RMV inside Renoise, too.
E.g. the keyboard focus is a problem. And to switch a drumkit is pretty slow.

But I didn’t experience hard crashes lately. Using the newest RMV and Renoise versions.

RMV vs. pure Samples: pure (without RMV) is also ok,
but e.g. its very comfortable to layer multiple samples (e.g. 3 snares) in RMV.
Means: it’s very easy to combine multiple drum waves into a combined new one.

Renoise still doesn’t support layering of multiple samples.

Also I like the beat slicer and varizer in RMV and the pitch shifting.

Thanks for the reply Airmann,

Its a shame I have these probs as there are advantages that you point out and more to using RMV. I like the kit library a lot too.

I just reloaded it with the latest beta and am getting rex error warnings with it however.

May try redownloading the whole library again to reinstall… :rolleyes:

Ok I re-installed the latest non-beta 5.0.4 and all is well so far.

Not holding breath though…

Afraid it is not solved again,

RMV has decided to hang everytime it loads, destroying config files on the restart of renoise…

Ok this is not a renoise problem as it hangs other hosts aswell.