[Solved] Rob Papen Predator Vst Not Showing Up

I normally use Renoise 1.5.2 but thought it was about time I upgraded as the new pattern arranger thingamy looked pretty good.

All of my vsti’s get recognised apart from Rob Papen Predator 1.1.1, it gets picked up by my old Renoise still, I have tried reinstalling putting it in a different folder all sorts of stuffbut just cant get it to recognise it.

Its ok I fixed it, it had installed as an effect instead of an instrument, when I went to effects it recognised this and then a rescan fixed it.

I also couldn’t find Predator in the list of Instruments using Renoise 2.7 (final release). Your message seems to be a good workaround. Like you said, I selected Predator from the effects-list as it was displayed there, and rescanned my vst-folders again. Seems to work good now.

Bit of a bug maybe. Hope this will be fixed in future versions.