[solved]Routing Renoise audio into Reaper

I can’t seem to get Renoises audio to route into Reaper properly. It really difficult to describe how I’m setting this up without making it sound confusing, so I’m just going to post some pics. I attached a picture of what it looks like Renoises end, and what it looks like on Reapers end.

When I finally do get everything loaded into Reaper I get weird things like the audio only coming out of the left channel of an audio track. What am I don’t wrong it the routing? Why is it that I only have two channels for routing in Reaper? Shouldn’t there be more?

If you are using the demo version of Renoise, only the first two mix channels are usable. The full version should not have this problem.
If you need more, you can try the ReaRoute driver instead that comes with Reaper, but you loose the timing connection.

Just get this template and double click on it. Hope it helps.



Nah, its just records midi, not audio.

I have a registered version, the same problem. Only channels 1/2. ((((

by the way

woah…finally solved.

Get this 32ch template from the link i provided and double click on it, Reaper and Renoise slaved will open.

Assign busses in renoise, then go the reaper, select the tracks which are you going to record (do not forget to aim them for record) and do the next thing as shown on a screenshot lower.

Press record.

I do have a Registered Version. :D

Thanks a bunch that totally helped! This has been bugging me for months! I downloaded the template and looked over it and it was sort of stupid really, I was forgetting to set the channels in the Parent’s I/O section to 64 and that’s really all it was.

u r welcome =)

I also figured out how to do it without the template:
Click on the Master I/O button and expand the channel range from 2 to 32, now you can also select other channel destinations in the"ReWire Audio from" tab in Reaper.

oH! This is beatiful!