[Solved] Sampletrack Won'T Render Unless 'Realtime'

Hi there, I’ve got this track with samples that won’t render unless I render on realtime mode.

You can download the .xrns here (11kb, download starts right away)
Am I overlooking something?

It appears to be the interpolation mode. It renders normally using Cubic (which is what you hear during realtime playback), but Arguru’s Sinc interpolation is interfering with the sample somehow and removing a lot of the content. This has been a known problem in the past when using sinc interpolation on certain types of samples, and there’s even some basic info in the manual here.

This weird behaviour you’re experiencing is simply a side effect of sinc interpolation, so there’s not much you can do in this instance except to use Cubic mode when rendering.

Hmm thanks, I guess I’ll never render in Sinc anymore :lol:

Wouldnt it be possible to do the playback with arguru’s interpolation to detect this kind of issues ?

For the majority of systems, sinc interpolation is simply too CPU intensive for realtime playback when you have more than a handful of tracks/samples playing at once.

Here at work I have a dualcore Intel i3 540 @3.06 GHz CPU, which is definitely not the best in the world but it’s still pretty nice. When rendering the demosong “Beatslaughter vs Tenda - Psydrums” using Arguru’s sinc @ 48kHz 16-bit, the process goes quite smoothly for the first few patterns, but as the song gradually gets more complex the rendering process slows down to a crawl that is much slower than realtime. And this song is just a few samples and a moderate amount of Renoise native FX. If I add a couple of VST synths and other normal stuff then the problem becomes even worse. If I try to render at 96kHz 24-bit (which many people are using), then I have no chance at all of seeing anything even close to realtime rendering.