[Solved] Send Tracks In 2.8


I recently upgraded to 2.8 & am having a problem related to send tracks. I’m relatively new to renoise overall - I searched and have not found a similar post. Here’s the problem. I have a send track with delays on it connected to track one. A sample is cued on track one, and the signal is flowing through to the send track as anticipated. However, even when the track one level is all the way down on the mixer screen, I seem to still have the signal flowing through to the send. On my other computer using 2.7, when the level was all the way down on track one there was no signal flowing to the send.

I suspect I’m overlooking something very simple but I’ve been trying to solve this for two days and have not made any headway. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


i just tried the simplest setup possible to replicate this:
a sample playing on track 1, a send-device with default values on track 1, and a delay-device on the send track.
when i lower the volume on track 1, nothing gets sent through to the send-track.

so, it seems i cannot replicate what you’re talking about here.

the first thing i can think of is happening is that you have another track also sending stuff to that send-track. so maybe check out that possibility (if you haven’t already…)

try the simple setup i mentioned above and see if it is still happening. whenever you run into trouble, try and make the problem simpler, so it is easier to understand. when you cannot replicate the issue in this simple version, the problem must be in something else. hence my suggestion that something else must be sending to the send-track.

if you want others to have a closer look at the issue, upload your .xrns file.

edit: btw, welcome to the community!

To me this sounds like you’re using the post fader on the mixer. To affect the send signal, you have to adjust the pre faders. In the mixer view, right border, there are two buttons: pre & post.

“Pre” is the level of the incoming signal. “Post” is the level going out to the master channel or in groups going out to the group channel. A send device/channel doesn’t care about what you’re doing on the post fader, because the signal is already sent, when the origin signal arrives at the post fader.

I think answer is pre/post volume sliders. Change it in mixer screen right corner. You probably change volume AFTER (post) fx and then signal is sended to send track in pre volume.

Thank you for your response. I believe I have as simple a setup as you have described. I’ve attached the file…

The actual sample was too large so I replaced it with one of the built in synths…

On my end, I’m having the same trouble. Level is 0 on track one but the signal is flowing to the send track…

I actually started this file from scratch. As it is saved, if you just press play, it should show you level one at 0 and sound running through the send.

Thank you for taking a look!

Yep, you turned down volume on the post fader. Like mentioned above, the mixer has two views, Pre & Post. Simply switch to the “Pre” mixer view.

Yes, that was it! Thank you all very much. Looks like this was a pretty stupid mistake. Thanks for your help!

^ your mistakes aren’t stupid. and it was a smart thing to do coming here to ask for help. please don’t hesitate do to so in the future, and don’t be too hard on yourself :)

glad your problem is solved. would you be so kind as to edit your first post, click ‘edit title’ or something like that, and add ‘[Solved]’ to the title of your post? that keeps things organized.

good luck with your music!