[Solved] Sliders on device panels of VST FX

I have noticed some VST effects display sliders on the DSP device while others don’t, this screenshot illustrates what I mean:4515 Screenshot 2014-01-11 13.23.24.png Can this be controlled in any way?If not then I would like to make a feature request to be able to select which parameters are displayed in the VST device panel, it would help speed up workflow and make use of a load of empty space. It would also allow for easier automation of parameters by being able to right click on the sliders and record automation.Cheers

You caved on komplete in the end I see

edit: agree also about easier access to specific parameters.

Something I suggested in alpha was to have a slider for the currently selected parameter, in automation view. This slider could be right-clicked to record automation and MIDI mappable aswell.

Haha, yes…

(Also +1 to a slider in automation view, and to stuff that make recording automation easier in general)

these don’t get displayed by default if the plugin provides its own GUI.
if you still want 'em (and i do often), click the little flippy-triangle on the right of the fx enable/disable checkbox.

Ah, brilliant, thank you :D

Just need that button to be key mappable now