[solved] Slowdown on slider movement in OSX

Hey guys,

thank you for the great beta. Very enjoying it.

There is some real problem on the OSX version of 3.1 on 32 and 64 build, that was already a topic here in the forum:

Since a lot of sliders now update the status bar on movement, the gui totally slows down while movement. Even the slider stutters.

I don’t know if this happens because of status bar messages, I only see a slow down, if I move a slider. In pattern, on the slider itself. The whole gui.

The only workaround “a bit” fixes it is to add this to Info.plist:


I would suggest to you to make the same workaround like I did in the faderport driver. There status line output runs thru a delay timer. The first output will directly displayed, the next delayed by 1000/60ms. If while this wait, another output appears, the timer will be deleted and again set.

This doesn’t bring any visual drawback (since refresh is about 60hz blabla), but almost totally fixes the gui stuttering.

Please fix this problem. Thanks.

EDIT: Since the status bar updates also appear in 3.01, something in the gui code seems to be changed.

Hey can somebody move it to 3.1 section? thx

Does anybody on OSX also experience some GUI slowdown while moving a slider of any fx device?

I am seeing this in linux 64 bit as well. For me it happens more with higher CPU load but there is definitely a slowdown with the GUI.

Meef Chaloin: have you tried that in beta 3? I’ve reduced the update rates for the status bar in b3 already. If that’s still not enough I can lower it even more.

Taktik I apologise, I should have mentioned that. It is the b3 that I am referring to.

For me / under OSX, the bugfix in b3 almost solves the problem. Only if a replay at high LPB / scrolling rate, and also VSTi is playing (gui closed), I clearly can see “some little” framerate drop on slider movement, still. But its acceptable I think. That’s why I still use the workaround, but this introduces off-sync tearing. Of course would be neat to have constant 60fps with sync enabled :slight_smile:

Just been testing this in 64 bit linux, it’s much better than it was but not quite completely gone. It still lags a little when really pushing the cpu to the max so not really much to worry about.