[Solved] Solo Action Stucked !!!

after testing the keyboard shortcut to solo a track or mute (with left alt or ctrl etc) it got stuck and now every time i move around a track it gets soloed…sometimes renoise solo other tracks instead of the one i am moving to (with tab and alt+tab) !!!

it’s like crazy !

…and the worse part…is that renoise is stuck with this behaviour…i restarted the program and a new song a still got this weird bug !

…hope i am making any sense with my lame english !

:unsure: :blink:

peace !


…i am stupid !

…it was the key shortcut to the auto solo function !

…forget about this… wasn’t a bug after all.


Thanks! This has happened to me every time trying to use Renoise 2.7 on this particular laptop the last week or so (never seen before) and I have been googling and searching the forum like crazy for almost an hour now until finally hitting this thread… No idea how I could possibly have hit alt+’ on this keyboard. Seems like it is remembered after restart, so no easy way to get rid of it until now that I knew what to look for.

Still I have no idea what that feature is for. After navigating back and forth a bit between a few different tracks they end up in what is most easily described as a random solo/unsolo state depending on what order I happened to click them. Extra fun when send channels are involved that get soloed (but not unsoloed) in the process. How could that be useful? And no indication in the gui that it is enabled or even a mention in the docs. Is this some kind of newbie trap for fun?

Anyway renoise is useful on this desktop again, so I’m happy. :)