[Solved] Some Mp3 Don't Load

I wanted to make a mashup of a song today and went to load the mp3 into Renoise and I got a pop up telling me that I needed Apple Quicktime 7, which I already had but then did a fresh install to be sure and I still get the same error message. I’ve had to convert the mp3 to a wav in Ableton to use it.

Can you please provide some more information about the MP3 file? What’s the song? Is it available to download somewhere so we can check it out? What is the sample rate and bit rate? Is it mono, stereo, joint stereo? Is it variable bit rate? Is it tagged with any weird meta tags? Does it contain any extra meta data like embedded images or lyrics? Are you 100% sure that the file itself is not corrupt somehow? It’s quite common to find MP3s with slightly corrupt headers that will still play and load in certain software, but do not work at all in other software.

It’s a 320mp3 of Ace of Base’s All That She Wants, I downloaded it from a file share site, all of the metadata on it seems fine and it loaded into Ableton without a problem, don’t really know how to find meta data or anything.

I’ve just tried it with loads of .mp3’s and .m4a’s from CD’s, iTunes, Juno, etc., and I get the same message with all of them. But I do have quicktime installed. Is it because they are finished released songs?

In the meantime I will try yet another clean install of quicktime.

I use QT Lite (All the bloat from Apple can go jump!) and I have no issues. (PC only: http://www.free-codecs.com/download/QT_Lite.htm )

Have you tried a simple system restart?

decode to wav.

I didn’t realise there was a freeware alternative to quicktime. I’m usually on it for that sort of thing. Thank you Kaz.

Edit: That has totally solved the issue, I don’t suppose you know an alternative to Java do you? That’s the last bloatware I have on my system, would be sick to be completely open source (except for windows of course).

And to Sylom I have been converting them to .wav, I just would rather not have to seeing as they go into Reaper and Ableton fine I assumed there would be no reason why they couldn’t just go into Renoise.

Initially there was Quicktime Alternative, which also comes with Media Player Classic (which is usually my video player of choice but I go with the CCCP package which comes with ffdshow, haali, vsfilter and a few other bits) then the Lite version was stripped down from that.

Strange it worked and official QT didn’t but glad it’s working and a better choice anyway :)

Java kinda is pretty much open source these days, check OpenJDK, but you also talk about Bloat… So if you only want to be able to use (play web games etc) programs written in Java you only need JRE (Runtime Environment), not the Development Kit. To get JRE, rather than JDK, go to java.com rather than sun.com ;)


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I’m just sick of the constant updates, it’s the only nagscreen I still get. I’m not a developer so I just need to be able to view things.

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I’m well aware of the power of Macs, but I wouldn’t use one to produce. I’m perfectly happy with Windows running Renoise, I don’t know how to use sequencers so Logic is useless to me. However I do prefer Macs interface when it comes to surfing the net, so if I wasn’t a student and had a fat wedge then I would buy a Mac just for surfing the net, because that’s what I like the most about them.

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