[Solved] Song That Makes No Sound At All

Hi, im pretty new to renoise but its great to make music :walkman: only now im having some trouble…Like i already said (in the beginner forum) i made a song that played well but then after saving i cant get it to make sound again.

I tried disabling/removing the last vsts i loaded but doesnt make a diffrence. Master channel has fader up, bringing it up further had no effect at all. gain is up…soundcard settings are ok.i dont know where i can look anymore why it doesnt work.oh and cpu is about 30% when in silence…song fully loaded had about 80% cpu use…last saved version before that one loads fine still, and does make sound…

BTW this happened after it crashed 2 times and then i had to restart to get renoise to make sound again…youtube etc was still working…

I hope someone can help me with this because i really wanted to finish this song and buy renoise(its for remix comp so need to render it then :D ), but now this happens and i dont know if i can work with that…wanted to switch to renoise because i already had problem with stability… :huh:

If it helps i can upload the song with the vsts i used(are all free so)

Have you checked the track output routings in the mixer? Maybe they got changed somehow.

Do you see anything on the Meters at all in the Mixer? Did the samples maybe get corrupted on saving and you didn’t see the message? If so you could try loading them from the older version you have. Willing to upload the xrns?

Yes, this of course helps. Don’t worry about the VSTs, just the XRNS should be enough.

Yes i looked at the mixer and nothing seems wrong…everythng router to master and master to sound device…or is that not what i should look at?

Meters dont show any signal going through…same with the one on the end of dsp chain, and mixer…

I am now uploading the song, i hope some of u can find it :)

The competition is over by midnight i believe so not much chance i even get to finish at all but maybe some of u still want to join it if u can be fast with renoise, then u need to go to blumarten.com :D

Anyway here is the link:

I really hope someone will find this :unsure:

The only Track that isn’t muted seems to have nothing on it. Go into the Mixer and hit one of the S Solo buttons twice to unmute every track and job’s a goodun ;)

Although I have a massive list of plugins not on my computer so can’t listen to your track as it’s meant to sound :(

lol really thanks a lot :lol:

I did not think to click away the disk browser that it just made no sound when i loaded it was why i think it broke :P

looked everywhere exept there i guess…do feel stupid now :D
now lets see if i can finish the song in time and then buy it fast enough…or i should do it now…but then i dont know if i finish it in time… ^_^ and if i can buy it that fast at all…hmmm ;)

When i have full renoise version i will post a link on here anyway so u can hear it if u want, or maybe when i am done with this song i can upload the vst i used :)

Finished in time …well finished,…stretched it out to 3 minutes :lol:
only didnt get the confirmation mail so the track is not sent…but was fun trying.
Have to buy with bank transfer(have to wait some days…) so had to record it on a minidisk…only thing i have right now to record :P

But working in this program is pretty fast if so…its the best tracker i ever saw btw really happy i found it(really hated how it looked like ft2…but then i changed it and here we go :D

edit:if everything works you can listen to it here: