[solved] Strange behaviour when adding patterns

I have a strange issue when I’m busy building a song.

As you can see here, I have 4 blocks with patterns 0 and 2 in use. Now if I click on the + button, I would expect a new pattern (3 in this case) which would be empty.

But when I click on the +, it actually changes the assigned patterns 2 to 1 and gives me a new pattern 2 which is completely empty?

That’s not intended behaviour, is it? Or am I the only person working that way?

I think you need to check or uncheck(?) ‘keep sequence sorted’ in the right mouse click menu of the sequencer list.

Yep, that’s it (Jenoki just told me in chat). However, I find it very odd that this is default behaviour. It probably would be better to make it optional, so that “auto sorting” or whatever it is is not the default behaviour.

create a new song

disable auto sorting

go to song settings and save this song as a template.

this way, you will get rid of it

And remember to disable it every time you want to work on songs from pre 2.8.

Yep, got it, thanks. Still strange. I would think that something like this should be a global setting in preferences, instead of this.

I’m also missing many features to be set in global preferences, for example default LPB or pattern length could be much easier to set in global preferences, because I usually work with for example 16 LPB and 256 pattern length, this would make it much easier than having to go to song settings every time I start a new song (because I usually forget about that till I create new patterns). Maybe remove the tab of song settings and include it in preferences instead? (or just some options)

Then save a Template Song with the settings you want.

It was a bit confusing at first, but it didn’t take me long to get used to it and appreciate it for it’s actually pretty clever IMO.
Earlier i could make mistakes like duplicating a pattern in the sequencer, then forget about it and starting to edit the pattern not realizing i just edited some other part of the sequence too.

I don’t think i would have discovered it or it’s very convenient use if it wasn’t there by default. So i’m kinda happy with it being the deafault setting. ^_^

Me too I love autosort :P
haven’t turned it off since 2.8 beta launched.