[Solved] Strange Edit Step Behavior With Midi Keyboard

When i type notes with regular keybord “step lenth” works fine at 0 it skips no notes, at 1 skips 1 note and 2 notes at two etc.

but when i enter notes with midi keyboard, it doesnt skip at 0 but, at 1 it skips 2 notes at 2 it skips 3 notes… etc…

using m-audio AXIOM-49 midi keyboard

Hello migloJE,

tried this here, but can not replicate this, and unfortunately also have no idea why/how this could happen.
Did this always happened for you in Renoise with the AXIOM-49, or did this started to happen recently with Renoise 2.8 only?

Could you please connect the “AXIOM-49” to MIDI-OX or some other MIDI dump tools to check what exactly the Axiom sends when pressing keys?

Has anyone else here the same problem and probably could give us some more info?

I’m sorry, delete this topic, probaby my hardware failure :)

I had reset my midi keyboard and now it works fine… maby it was somehow afected when i midi dumped ableton setings on it…