[solved] Sync issue with large samples?

I’m having a bizarre issue with Renoise 3.0.1 that I can’t seem to replicate. I recorded (in Renoise) a large (~4 min) audio sample in sync with my track, and then placed it at the start of the track with delay 10.1ms (for soundcard round trip). It was perfectly in sync when played back over the entire track.

A little while later I saved and then the sample magically went off sync after a few seconds from the start of the song, with nothing changed. I rerecorded it, placed it on exactly the same unaltered track (with 10.1ms delay) and it was fine again. All was good for some time, and then some number of saves later gave me exactly the same issue!

Is this something to do with the way Renoise manages sample data? I don’t have any idea how this has come about and it is highly frustrating.

Thanks all!

All good - this is was due to some latent BPM parameter that the sample was recorded at, and must have been lost somehow. I set it in a new track and it jumped to a decimal value, and it now behaves itself.