[solved] There is no manual for 3.0

http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Main_Page still says that the manual is under maintenance for 3.0. Seems it was forgotten to switch this to the new page when the final was released.

As it clearly states:

Right now, the manual is still in a transitional phase. When the entire manual has been fully updated, then you will no longer see that message.

Oh, I see. Thanks for the answer. To be honest, I haven’t even considered the option that the final has been released before the documentation for it was finished :blink:

We’re weirdos around here. I thought you knew this by now? :]

Changing the manual during a Beta phase is not a smart move to do, from experience in the past:large GUI features and functionalities got changed and a lot of screenshots and animations had to be redone just because specific areas in the freshly made images were no longer corresponding with reality.
Next to that:new described stuff of which behavior got changed meanwhile. So this is merely done after the Beta phase is over but unfortunately the Release candidate period has always been too short to be able to get the whole 100% done. (I’m sure Achenar can meanwhile confirm the experience)

As vast amount of people doesn’t (want to) read the manual anyway (rather experiment a bit) and it is not the most wanted part of the deal, it doesn’t really matter much if it takes a little longer than the program itself is out.

I’m going to have to agree with vV on this one.

I’ve been working on this pretty much full time since being asked to do it. This is a major update with not just new things, but a lot of old stuff that was changed around. So there’s a lot of rewriting compared to previous updates. Almost all topics are complete, with Phrases being the only major section left.

That’s great to hear! Thanks for the info and the effort!

I’d certainly be very glad when the manual is done and will definitely read it. I started with 2.8 for about a week, decided I wanted to buy it and then started with v3 but it’s difficult to find out exactly what some things do. I guess most people know the program already and for them the update was just a case of finding the nice new features and working out where things are located now but for me there’s a fair amount of guess work going on right now (not to mention silly questions in the irc).

Not quite, there were some drastic changes in 3.0 for the veteran users as well. I would suggest to start off with 3.0 and forget about 2.8 at all :)

I just wanted to add my thanks as well to Achenar…I came on to find out whether it was finished, and if not, to post a query before thinking I should see if a thread had already been created on the topic? Sure enough…

I guess I’m one of those (even weirder?) weirdos that DO like to have a manual handy–especially with major updates like 3.0 ^_^

Will keep checking…

patience the rc version is out since few times ;)

Adding this here, in case it’s an oversight: The HTML manual no longer shows the “under maintenance for 3.0” notice, and I think it’s fully updated, but the downloadable PDF is still for 2.8 (so are the videos, but these probably take more time). If it’s still on the way, no worries, no pressure. :)

There is a special script to create the PDF, but this one can only be started by site admins themselves as it is not part of the wiki software.
Achenar has no access beyond the wiki, neither do i.