[Solved] Timer (Song Length)?

Hey guys,

As awesome as Renoise is, to me it seems to be lacking something glaringly obvious. Maybe its just me being an idiot, but I can’t seem to see any way of determining how long a song is (in seconds/minutes etc) or seeing at what point you are in a song in terms of standard time.

For example Cubase or similar sequencers have a built-in ‘clock’ or timer that has a display like 00:00:01 for example so you can tell where you are within a song, and more importantly the total duration/length of a song. As far as I can see at the moment, the only way I have of checking how long a song is that I’m working on in Renoise is to render the whole thing into WAV, load the rendered audio up in Windows Media Player and check the time length on there.

It’s not a major issue, but it can certainly be a minor annoyance from time to time. It would surely be very beneficial for many users to have a built-in timer in future Renoise versions as a useful tool when working on a song.

Is it just me (I am using version 2.5.1)? Or does Renoise not currently have this facility? And do you think it would make a good addition? Thanks.

Look in the top/right corner of the screen:

Wow. OMFG. I’ve been using Renoise for about 7-8 years now, and can you believe I never consciously noticed that.

Sorry to swear but how the -fuck- did I miss that in all this time.

So it was just me being an idiot then. Lol. OK I’m gonna go and sit in the corner and facepalm now, don’t mind me.

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Just to clarify… when I say I never ‘consciously’ noticed it, I mean I must have seen it, but just assumed it was like a clock or something (that tells the actual time) so just paid it no attention.

Just… wow.

I know what you mean!.. It took me a couple o months to find the chicken inside the coal bunker round the back of the frosty spleen too!!

It’s all good, mate. Happens to the best of us at some point, guaranteed. :)

when the application is in full-screen mode, there is actaully a clock on the top-right, maybe this caused confusion in your rotten mind :)

I almost forgotten, and just rediscovered, that rightclicking the timer displays the remaining song time

left-clicking works w/ me

and ofcourse clicking after clicking brings it back to normal


The timer only updates every line, so if you’re doing some ninja-tracker song with really slow speed the timer tends to stop for a while

This is an extremely self-indulgent necropost and I’m very sorry, but the reason I’m doing it anyway is because I have also been using Renoise for some time – 11 years now – and just tried to find out if it had this feature because I, too, had somehow completely overlooked it… So I’m also trying to commiserate with the OP.

And I won’t lie - it’s not the first time I’ve been like, “Hm, does Renoise not have (xyz feature)?” and looked into it and found that it was painfully obvious, right under my nose, usually for years already. xD
I love you, Renoise.

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It was years before I noticed it, too!

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Thank you kindly - that makes me feel better at least. xD It’s funny. Renoise is chock full of so much good and useful stuff, that it’s like the total benevolent opposite of an app where you can’t find something because the UI is cluttered and you have to hack through it with a machete. I guess what I mean is, it’s a “good problem” to have, lol.
Cheers yo.

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