[solved] Track Volume issue


I am very new at Renoise (3.1.0 64 bits), so maybe I don’t do things right. I used to use soundtracker / noisetracker / protracker a lot on Amiga, so maybe Renoise don’t do thigns the same way.

Here is the issue:

  • I start a new song and load the instrument Synth / Formants (Program off)

  • I record a few notes on Track 01, let’s say several C-4 00 (no effect)

  • I record a few notes on Track 02, let’s say several E-4 00 with the exact same instrument

  • I set the volume of the Track 02 to -32Db

What I expect:

  • all the notes in Track 01 are played with full volume

  • all the notes in Track 02 are played with a very low volume

What happens:

  • when notes are not played at the same time, it works correctly

  • if a C-4 is played on Track 01 and a E-4 is played on Track 02 at the same time, both have the very low level

So volume of Track 02 also affects the volume of notes in Track 01.

If I use a second instrument for Track 2, it works correctly (even if I load twice the Formants).

Is it me or a bug? :slight_smile:

Is this with a VST instrument? If so, does it support multiple outputs and have you routed them to the corresponding tracks in Renoise?

If it’s single output only then Renoise can only pay it on one track at a time, explaining why the volume of this track effects all notes of the instrument.

You can however always set the volume of individual notes to achieve what you want.

Thank you fladd for your answer.

It’s one of the instruments provided by Renoise (Bundled Content /Synth / Formants), it does’nt seem to be a VST.

You say it’s a normal behavior. Thank you, now I know :slight_smile:

And as you said if I put a volume for each note it works :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.