[solved] Trouble Opening Xrns files (file associations)

Hey guys recently I have downloaded the 1.91 update and deleted the 1.90 off my xp system and all the previous songs I had saved in my documents are being opened with mozilla wtf?! I know you can right click and then click opens with and change it but when i browse for renoise 1.91 it finds it but still isnt changing it to the appropriate program to be opend with I know its no big deal because I can open the songs up in renoise its self but sometimes i just like double clicking on the file to open that song any help would be appreciated , is there any type of string command i could enter or something into windows?

Guess you first installed 1.9.1 then uninstalled 1.9.0, right? This will remove all file associations. Simply uninstall and install 1.9.1 again to fix this…

cheers mate will do thanks a lot :)