[solved] Using A Send Not Messing Up Panning

i had 4 song elements carefully panned, one hard left, mid left, mid right and hard right. i wanted to use a send to bus compress them and to my suprise, my send track was all like, "hey i’m gunna just put these right down the center and destroy your nice stereo image.

so, my suggestion is that, when using a send device, have an option to keep stereo position in tact

but it already does…

I can confirm this is already working normally in both 2.0 and the latest 2.1 beta. Stereo image is preserved exactly as expected, even if I put a bus compressor onto the send track. No problems here at all.

@Plastik Frankenstein: Can you upload an .XRNS song which demonstrates the problem?

if you set your panning with the pre-mixer, the settings remain intact with a send track. if you pan using the post-mixer, the settings do not transfer. the post panning controls only work with a send track when you choose to keep the source in the send device settings.

got it. post panning are the horizontal bars in the mixer section, i wwas using that. problem solved