[Solved] Using Dreamstation DXi in Renoise

Hi, how can I run Dreamstation DXi2 on Renoise?

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We don’t support DirectX instruments, so I’m sorry to say that you can’t use it directly in Renoise.

If you really can’t live without this synth, then you should find some kind of DXi to VSTi wrapper, so that it will show up as a VSTi in Renoise instead.

Renoise does not support DirectX plugins. I would say don’t bother. But you could try and DX->VST bridge/wrapper…

I run Dreamstation on Renoise via Dxshell which can be downloaded from the above link.

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wow, fantastic, thank you very much

You are welcome, hope it works well for you

Yes, it’s perfect.
I think that Renoise must have a native synth like Dreamstation, Synth1…
Thanks again

lol…the good old dreamstation…i remember back in the days…