[solved] Volume Column Behaves Like Panning Column

Today I open my project and find panning column in all tracks behave itself like volume only with invert value (80-silent, 00-loud)… while volume column is fine…
I create new track but got same problem.
So I rewrite Renoise in application folder. Without result too…
And now I don’t have panning column

Is it a bug? Or something I don’t know about…
And how me can fix it?

That’s what I use :
Renoise 2.1.0 (trial) :drummer:
OS X 10.5.7
M-Audio Mobile Pre USB

new projects don’t have panning column shown by default. in order to show it use the shortcut LCTRL+LSHIFT+P

this never happened before but I doubt it is a bug; it looks like one of your audio channels setup has some issue, like for example you managed to assign the sound of right channel to both channels or something like that?
this would explain such a behaviour. Anyway, if you can upload somewhere an example song so that we can inspect it, it can help understanding

Oh, I found it… It’s my fault
Something wrong with my headphones or maybe with connector adapter (from 6.3mm headphones to 3mm out).
I tried another headphones but without adapter (3mm to 3mm) and everything looks and hears OK…

It-Alien thanx for feedback