[Solved] Vst Issues: User Privileges Insufficient To Start A Low Level

This message pops up every time i re-scan my Vst folder and results in half of my plug-ins being unavailable. I’m the only user on the computer and am logged in as an admin so I don’t know how to get a higher level of user privileges. The same problem occurs in a trial version of Ableton Live which is the only other software i have that uses plug-ins. anyone know how to solve this?

with any question regarding stuff not working on your computer, remember to post the details of your setup. you could also consider putting them in your signature, as i have for example, so you can’t forget anymore :)
giving these details will allow people to help you with your issue.

If this is Windows 7, rightclick Renoise and the select “run as administrator” and to have this done automatically, rightclick on the Renoise icon (perhaps then again rightclick Renoise in the context menu if you don’t see properties in the contextmenu) , select properties and then check the “run this program as an administrator” checkbox in the “Compatability” tab.

If you start renoise as administrator, this problem should then be over.

thanks for the tip vV, that seems to have sorted it.

so it is not possible to run renoise as normal user without any limitations?