[solved] VST loses keyboard focus


I don’t know what happened but I lost my keyboard focus on my vsts (I am running a dual monitor setup). Now I can’t just “JAM” with my vst. I have to click on the pattern editor everytime I want to audition a change I made to my VST. SUPER ANNOYING. It’s behavior is as if the “EXTERNAL EDITOR” window is actually popping out from renoise (running as a second program). This only started happening recently so I suspect I must of hit a hotkey that toggles this behavior by mistake.

To reiterate, if I am editing a parameter in a vst, I have to click back into a renoise part (the gray area) in order to be able to play back my changes. So for example, if I move the cutoff parameter on synth1, I need to click the pattern explorer before I can here my changes. I have to do this for EVERY PARAMETER CHANGE. It’s annoying as all hell. When an external midi controller is hooked up, I do not have this issue.

Thanks for the help in advanced,

There’s a little “Enable Keyboard” option on the bottom left of the VST editor window on Windows and OSX. Please make sure it’s disabled.


It Worked !