[solved] VSTi Aliases - How to route audio to different tracks?

This is very strange for me, and at the same time very annoying. I do not know if it’s a limitation of Renoise or a bug.It has much to do with the use of resources.

Win7 64bit, R3.1b3. I use someInstrumentsVSTi plugins (32 or 64bit) type sampler.I explain step by step what happens:


  1. Search any a Sampler VSTi Plugin, name “???”, with multiple channels (8 or 16 channels)to load different instruments.
  2. Slot 00 in Instrument Box:Insert sampler VSTi"???". Inside this VSTi sampler, in slot 01, insert a instrument 01, eg “a trumpet”. Assign channel: 1.
  3. Slot 01 in Instrument Box: Insert sampler VSTi Alias??? (Instr. 00). Inside this VSTI Alias, in slot 02, insert a instrument 02, eg “a bass”. Assign channel: 2
  4. Slot 02 and next in Instrument Box: repeat the step 3 introducing new instruments and assign new channels, 3, 4, 5… 16 for each Alias.


  1. Using track 01 and slot 00 Instrument (no Alias), the track 01 DSP works correctly; volume, pannel, effects added, etc (including Groups DSP). All ok!
  2. Using track 02for the first time and slot 01 Intrument (Alias), the track 02 DSP not work.This is correct?
  3. The strange: after doing the last step 2, you use in track 02 the slot 00 Instrument (no Alias) (the trompet), then the track 02 DSP work correctly, but using again the slot 01 Instrument Alias (the bass), now track 02 DSP work correctly.

This occurs with different samplers VSTi in different Tracks and Groups .It is not isolated.It also occurs if you connect a MIDI keyboard.


  • The objective is to use eachAlias VSTi with a different Channel (different instruments) on each Track separately (with track DSP), without problems.

Is there someproblem with using Alias VST, on different Tracks and their DSP?I do something wrong?

If Youadd20Alias for usedifferent channels of plugin and different instruments samples (only one VSTi sampler + Alias), you must use them all on the same track?Is this arouttinglimitation of Renoiseor a bug?

Does this have arrangement?


Did you also route each alias to its own track?


Have you also set up the proper routing within the plugin itself, ensuring that each channel is going to a separate output?

Ok, solved! :slight_smile:

I needed to route the "Out"in thesamplerVSTi ineach channel (I lacked this step!):

  • Chanel 1: Out 1-2
  • Chanel 2: Out 3-4
  • Chanel 3: Out 5-6
  • etc…

And “Audio Routing” each Bus in each Track, in Instrument Editor/Plugin (I had already done this):

  • Bus #01: 01 Track 01
  • Bus #02: 02 Track 02
  • Bus #03: 03 Track 03
  • etc…

It works perfect! i just try R3.1b4

I see ye have updated some things in theonlinemanual. It’s great!

dblue, thank you very much for the help!