[SOLVED] Waves plugins not working in 32-bit Renoise

Okay, I was using my Waves plugins with Renoise previously with no hassle whatsoever and everything was all fine, BUT all of a sudden they stopped working in my 32-bit version of Renoise 3, which bugs me out greatly because I’d love to rewire Renoise 3 into another 32-bit DAW and use the Waves plugins in the process. Just to clarify, with the 64-bit version of Renoise 3 everything works fine. Weird, huh?

For me, it seems like it’s got something to do with the 32-bit Waves hell-VST 9.2 plugin because it makes the whole program crash whenever I try to add it and remove it from an effects chain. I’ve tried fiddling with the Waves License Center and installed both Renoise and the plugins anew several times in various folders and all, but nothing seems to help :(/> Renoise seems to find the plugins, because their names show up in the status bar whenever I rescan my VST folders, but after that they won’t show up anywhere in Renoise’s VST lists anymore.

Has anyone encountered and perhaps even conquered any similar issues?

UPDATE: I tried installing Renoise 2.8.2 32-bit and the plugins work fine with it, so… anybody got clue what’s wrong with Renoise 3 32-bit?

Might be a corrupted cached plugins database file (x86 version) in the preferences folder. (Help -> Show preferences folder).
Does this happen with a fresh and new project? (File -> new song (no template))
If so renaming that x86 .db file and letting Renoise 3.0 doing a rescan might fix it.

Yeah, that seemed to do the trick! Thank you very much! :)