[Solved] Weird Sound Outcome

Don’t know if this is a specific beta bug or if it’s actually supposed to do this, but in the attached xrns the kick-drum sounds differently depending on if there is another sound playing on another track or not.

1. Listen to the pattern as it is.
2. Mute Track 01 and you’ll hear a huge different in the kick-sample (at least on my machine it does).
3. Try mute Track 01 and unmute Track 03 and it definitely sounds weird.

Anyone got an explanation to what is happening?

B.t.w. saved with Renoise 2.6 b8.

It’s because you have a Gate on your Master track. When the kick is solo’d, it is not quite loud enough to fully pass through the gate, so some of the kick’s tail portion (which is responsible for the low end impact in this case) is cut off. But when you have the kick + other sounds playing, then the combined amplitude is enough to let it all pass fully through the gate, which is why you hear the full kick sound instead.

I’m not sure why you have a gate on the master track like that, but I would suggest to either fine-tune its settings, remove it completely, or simply place it on a specific track instead.

Ok, I’m gonna go lay under a rock and never appear on earths surface ever again… evah! Can’t believe I missed that one… whoever put that gate there is going to be sorry.

Thanks dblue. This topic can now be deleted…