[solved] Weird VST bug with this module

This is just a simple piano tune i heard at my parents house a while ago, from the TV show called “Criminal minds”. I removed the piano instrument from the file because it’s rather large

The bug happens on pattern 7 (order 13) - those high notes on track “rh-upper” play when using a native instrument, but with a VST they don’t. Soloing out the track plays the low note from the other track for a split second then cuts it.

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/* EDIT */ The high notes play with certain VST’s but there’s still that weird glitch of the muted note playing for a split second :? :?

some vsti are silent if the key is out of range, they won’t pitch the sound

the cut sound could be the auto-assigning that will occur if you don’t use multi-out (Multiple Output VST, effects on different channels)

umm, nope it’s definitely not related to the vst’s range - furthermore transposing those notes down don’t fix/change anything.

Routing/assign maybe, but i doubt it. Try adding note columns to the track at the left, and copy/pasting the notes there then soloing out either of the two tracks… weird!!!

Meanwhile everything works perfectly with a native instrument… :blink: :wacko:

tried it. don’t think it’s a bug. in the buggy pattern in coda-noinstrument, instrument 01 is used on 4 different tracks. and when having loaded a vsti, the auto-assign switches between track 1 and 2 all the time. i’m no renoise guru by any means, but i believe this cannot work. i would activate the checkbox below “AutoAssign / Track” so that the routing stays at lh-arps. or load a multi-out plug-in and create “VST aliases”. or just one vsti instance for each track, which is what i usually do for the sake of ease.

Fixed… or rather, worked around. Not a renoise bug, but a shortcoming of VST – anyway, thanks!