Multiple Output VST, effects on different channels

Hi there, I’ve done a few searches for similar threads but couldn’t find anything, however there are so many different ways of phrasing it I may have missed something!

So I’m trying to use Toontrack EZDrummer with Renoise to make some metal. EZDrummer allows me to route each ‘microphone’ to a different output inside the VST.

So as an example I’d like to have 7 tracks in Renoise like so:

Kick (output 1 from EZ Drummer)
Snare top (out 2)
Snare bottom (out 3)
Hi-hat (out 4)
Toms (out 5)
Overheads (out 6)
Room (out 7)

The reason for this is I don’t want a blanket EQ or effect chain for the whole kit, I’d like to process the ‘microphones’ individually, as with a real multitrack recording, and EZDrummer suggests this is possible.
Problem is, if I go to for example chuck reverb on the snare top solo it sounds fine, but then when I unsolo it starts to behave unpredictably with the rest of the kit, chopping reverb off suddenly, missing it out altogether and so on.

Now I know this could just be that EZDrummer doesn’t play nice with Renoise, but I think it’s far more likely that I’m just doing something wrong.

Anyone able to suggest how I might be able to accomplish this? I could create the drum pattern with each element on different tracks and put each one on a seperate send to process, (it seems to process as standalone audio at this point?) but then I miss out on things like seperating the overheads and room mics from the rest of the kit as they pick up a combination of everything else that I want to process seperately.

Basically I’m trying to avoid loading the kit 7 times, making my pattern, killing the overheads in the first 5 kits, duplicating my pattern twice for kits 6 and 7, killing everything but the overheads or room mics and then processing stuff. If I change anything it’d be hard to keep track of what to duplicate, as well as being too processor intensive.

Thanks for any help you may be able to give me!


In the Instrument Settings tab, select Plugin and select EZDrummer. You will see a tab for ‘Output’ to the right. In there you can select each output available from EZDrummer and assign them to their own tracks.

Hope that helps!

Hi there,

Sorry, I might have not been very clear in my original post - the problem I’m having is after this step. Everything is on individual tracks with an individual output, it’s when I go to add an effect on an individual track that things start to go wrong. I’ll have another go when I get home (lunch break at work at the moment) and see if I have any luck!

Unless you are suggesting I route the outputs straight to an aux channel? If that works that might be it! It sounds like I can have one track to make the pattern, so I have some triggering going on and then make 7 auxes each named for the individual ‘microphones’ on different outputs, and process the auxes… I’ll see if that works when I get home.

Interesting… I’d like to see some screen shots of your easy drummer tabs… I don’t have that plugin… It may be user error… It may not. If you post a pic of the mixer section on the vst, obviously with the patch you are talking about here, then maybe I might see what is going on?

No promises…


edit = oh, and just to clarify…

Your problems are existing with the fx on the plugin channels, or in the Renoise channels?

Okay so I’ve got a way to make it all work, though it is slightly fiddly still.
Thank you very much Jenoki for the screenshot, it definitely got me started!

I’ll post how I’ve done it. I’ve only just started looking at it so there may yet be a better way but here’s what I’ve got so far. (Figured I’d post this in case anyone happens to have the same problem in the future, I hate it when I google a problem, find a forum post asking about it and that then ends with ‘Oh wait never mind I figured it out’ without posting how they did it!)

So this is specific to EZ Drummer as two of its output channels are for overhead and room mics, blends of everything else on the kit as well as providing the audio for things like the cymbals, which don’t have their own individual channels in EZ Drummer internal mixer.

  1. Set your output number for each ‘microphone’ inside EZ Drummers internal mixer, In this example I’ve gone: (it’s the standard Rock Kit)

Out1 - kick
Out2 - snare top
Out2 - snare bottom
Out3 - hihat
Out4 - tom 1
Out5 - tom 2
Out6 - tom 3
Out7 - overheads
Out8 - room

So that’s 9 elements of the kit, just that I’ve put snare top and bottom both on output 2 (limit of 8 outs :<)

  1. As Jenoki’s screenshot suggests, (more outputs show up if available, don’t worry!) assign your 8 outputs to 8 different tracks in the Renoise pattern window. In this example I’ll go:

Out1 - kick: Track 1
Out2 - snare top: Track 2
Out2 - snare bottom: Track 2
Out3 - hihat: Track 3
Out4 - tom 1: Track 4
Out5 - tom 2: Track 5
Out6 - tom 3: Track 6
Out7 - overheads: Track 7
Out8 - room: Track 8

  1. Make your pattern.

  2. If you haven’t already, make sure the note information for any given element of the kit is on the appropriate track in the pattern window, so for example I only have my kick note input information on track 1, snare on track 2 etc. My multiple cymbal note events are on track 7 (overheads)

So far so good, I can solo track one and get JUST THE KICK ON IT’S OWN… kinda. I can still hear the crunch and spaciousness of the overhead and room mics. Here’s where individual editing of any element of the kit gets fiddly.

  1. I can actually edit track one solo and affect just output 1: the close kick, not the overhead and room mics, even though they are audible. a huge bass boost on the kick didn’t affect them so you might be happy enough with that kind of functionality. If you really do want to hear that single mic on it’s own read on…

6)Select the instrument settings tab at the bottom of the pattern window, and (in my example) untick outputs 7 and 8, voila, a dry kit! You can now solo anything except the overheads and room mics and hear it naked.

  1. If you want to hear just the overhead or room mics solo then just uncheck everything BUT channel 7 or 8 depending on which you want to hear. Even though there may not be any note information on channel 8, you will still notice it is taking a feed from an output if you look at the meters.

  2. This point has been added after getting effects on the snare seemingly add to the kick drum mic. Snare bottom has a bleed switch that simulates it bleeding on to other mics, or rattling when the kick hits. I had to switch this bleed off… not sure if you’ll be able to add too many interesting effects on this channel as it will affect whatever pattern the kick is doing. fortunately it’s not the most interesting mic in the world, and the rattle you get is likely to be the only thing you’ll need out of this mic. Maybe putting it on a different output to snare top, and just putting special FX on snare top is the answer.

The reason it’s so fiddly is that by the time you’ve got a good amount of mixing and effects going on the drums you will have had to untick and retick the outputs in many combinations loads of times! Better than nothing though!

EDIT: Damn, there still seems to be some bleed. For example, I put a delay on my snare and muted it. The delay is affecting the other channel a little too! :( [solved, check step 8]