[SOLVED] What is this stuff for? (Macros Visible = true)

while i’m trying to get “Virtual Keyboard Pitchbend to Sample Pitch” connection done via LUA Script, i came across this:


what’s the usecase here?

The code toggles the macro tab on the instruments.

Macros are virtual knobs you can assign to multiple parameters with different ranges to help create higher level controls for instruments.

Try opening the Bass - 4AM Talk preset to see an example setup where macros are already assigned.

If you meant “why is this available in the API?” then the example usecase would be a tool that assignes macros automatically, where it would come handy to make sure the user actually sees the created macros.

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yep, i’m just thinking, if i make it so that everytime a sample is loaded, the macro GUI is displayed - would that be, safe?

cos my next step is to set it so that the 1st gui knob tries to control Pitch.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get the virtual midi pitch slider to control the pitch, but i can’t seem to figure out where it is in the macrospace.

i’ve figured out how to make the gui visible, and how to rename, but not yet how to automatically map it to a specific setting.

Hmm, glancing through the API, I can’t see a way to add new mappings either, only to modify the ranges and values of existing ones.

Guess you’ll have to make a request to allow adding mappings in the wishlist thread

what do you think, would it be possible to include a xrni with the required mappings, inside a script, and load that into each and every instrument box slot? that would probably solve this issue then, right?

ok, looks like i’ve solved it by creating a sample loader - that loads the pre-prepared xrni with the pitchbend + automation possibilities added, and just load that.

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