[Solved] Where Are The Multiple Clipboards?

I was just reading through the startup tips that launch when you load Renoise, and there is a tip that says:

Pattern Editor:

Use more than one clipboard by choosing ‘Clipboards’ in the Patterneditor’s context menu.

I’ve not used this and think it sounds handy, but I absolutely cannot find this. Where am I supposed to be looking?

Context Menu means the menu you get on a Right Click of the mouse.

There are also keyboard shortcuts but I don’t know them off hand. Try searching the Tutorial pages.

Never used multiple clipboards before, sounds interesting though, so I checked and it’s indeed not in the context menu, but found following shortcuts:

Select Clipboard 1 Alt + 1  
Select Clipboard 2 Alt + 2  
Select Clipboard 3 Alt + 3  
Select Clipboard 4 Alt + 4  

Pretty nice it shows the copied clip/block selection when changing clipboard.

No, they are no longer in the context menu, they are however in the “Edit” -> Clipboard menu.

So that Start-Up Tip needs editing then. Is it correct in the Manual/Tutorial pages (sorry should check myself but feeling lazy.)