[Solved] Win 7 64 Bit W/ Renoise 2.5

so i recently purchased a sony vaio that has windows 7 home 64 bit pre installed. after updating my renoise registration and loading renoise 2.5.1 i noticed that when i set my latency to 5msec (which is imperitive for what i am doing w/ renoise) the audio is full of pops/clicks. i am simply testing this w/ the stock headphone out of the laptop. when i set higher latency, around 40msec, it goes away completely. the audio has no issues when playing mp3 or .wav files through windows media player. any tips,tricks, or suggestions will be much appreciated. i as well ran all driver updates available for win764bit and components in the laptop.

have you tried asio4all drivers as well?

do you mean have i tried my external sound device? if so, no i have not. of course when i tried to install protools(i use an older mbox) it informed me of its incompatibility w/ win 7 64. i have two copies of win 7 pro which includes both 32 and 64 bit versions. i am wondering if installing this and running in xp mode will solve any issues i may have w/ program compatibility. i have been running xp pro w/ no issues for many years.

ahhh…ok. asio4all is something in its own. i will give it a shot.

asio4all driver (http://www.asio4all.com/) is an asio driver for ‘every’ soundcard. You should install it, select the driver in Renoises preferences and see if you run into the same crackles on low latencies.

…you rok on the quick response jonas!!! i will report back shortly.

…ok. loaded the asio4all and all is fine now. superior drummer 2.0 at 1.5msec latency and no artifacts. though it still didnt want to work w/ the mbox.